Alexandra the Great
Monday, August 22, 2011

I love the smirk.  Girl, I feel the same way.  Alexandra is preparing for a bone marrow transplant after relapsing with high risk A.L.L leukemia.  She just fininshed up 2 and a half years of chemo, so this is a major bummer.   Alexandra lives with her mom and brother in Colorado, but for the next few months she will be living in The BMT unit at Children's Hospital.  This is as rough as it gets.  No leaving.  No outside. No visiters but immediate family.  It will be hard work for this sweet little girl and hard work for her single mama, trying to juggle two kids in two different places.  You can't even imagine, right?  No.  

We are going to cover their rent.  As much of it as possible for as long as possible.  We need you to give.  As much as you can.  Because, you can.  Because even if it hurts a little, you can.  Because even if it stretches you a little to give, you still get to tuck your child in to her own bed at night.  If you've never donated before, please give.  If you have, please give.  It doesn't take much, it just takes many.  Go click on the big red donate button.


All money goes directly to the families we support.  Please help us help them.

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