Justin C
Thursday, May 2, 2013
I come from a small little town, and in small little towns, you find small little schools. In my small little school, was a girl named Pam. Pam was older than me, but in small little schools, everyone knows everyone, and so I knew Pam. I didn't see Pam for 20 years, until we met again at a fundraiser for Diego, who was battling Leukemia. Remember him? He's cancer free! At this fundraiser, sweet Pam and her family came up to me and gave a hug and said the things that you say to someone who's lost a child to cancer. I'm sure there was the usual, "I can't imagine" uttered as she held the hand of her youngest son. Today that youngest son is in treatment for Leukemia. His name is Justin. The thing about little towns and little schools is that they are usually big on community. My children's little school, and a great group of women from said little town, have been raising money for Justin and his family. A huge thank you to Renaissance Expeditionary Magnet School and IOU with love. Throughout the month of May, we will be raising money for Justin's family to help offset the costs of his 3 and 1 half year treatment for Leukemia. Here is Justin with his older brother Jaden. How could you possibly resist that smile? Go to the big red DONATE button and give big! (Or little. Just give). Whatchagonnado?
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